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Collin Kolisko


A native to the northern slopes of Mt. Mansfield, VT, Chef Collin Kolisko grew up in a place where farm to table wasn't so much a popular catchphrase, but rather just the way things were. The son of two artists in the field of marketing, the desire to create and express visually was naturally inherent. Starting with photography, and filmmaking in his teen years, he eventually moved onto the culinary arts and found a new medium.  Growing up in an area with the beauty of the surrounding landscapes and local seasonal offerings were an inspiration for a young cook finding his way in his first kitchens. 

He began his culinary journey in the resort towns of Northern Vermont, spending the first 3 years of his career working in multiple fine dining restaurants including The Essex, Vermont’s premiere culinary resort. Eventually under the invite and tutelage of friend and mentor John Arsenault, former chef/owner of Sol, he washed ashore in Wellfleet, MA. It was here he became fascinated by the worldly flavors and endless supply of the freshest catch available to the Cape that shaped Sol's cuisine. It was a galvanizing experience, igniting in Kolisko a sense of cultural fascination, creative ambition and a clarity that led him to studying the art of sushi. A trade which demanded technical precision while also providing additional visual inspiration. His dedication and perseverance carried him to become the lead sushi chef of Mac’s Seafood in Provincetown and Wellfleet for 8 years. In that time Kolisko’s aptitude for unforgettable flavor combinations combined with his precision knife skills has graced the plates of countless diners. His passion to create is matched equally by his dedication to educate, having taught many students how to bring this wonderful art and trade into their own homes.