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"Living Wine List"

This season we have turned the back half of our dining room into what we are calling a "living wine list!" Guests dining in the restaurant can browse the shelves of the "living wine list" where bottles can be purchased at retail prices to enjoy with dinner for just a $10 corkage fee. Wines can also be purchased to take home to be enjoyed at a later time. 

The wine list features some exceptional stuff — the natural, expressive, thoughtfully-produced, hard to come by selections you've come to know and love at The Pheasant. This includes things we're only able to get a few bottles of, or that we've been keeping for special moments and we're excited to be sharing them with you!


We are so excited to announce that we will be opening a specialty wine shop "Dunn & Sons Wine" sometime this Fall season 2022. The new shop is a mere 8 minute drive down Route 6A in Yarmouth Port near the corner of RT-6A and Willow Street.

Visit our website and sign up for the Dunn & Sons mailing list to learn more!